Weddings without the nerves


Who is it for?

As a bride and groom prepare for what should be the greatest day of their lives, wedding nerves, apprehension and panic can often dominate what should be a happy and joyful time. The mood becomes more about making sure that everything is perfect for the marriage ceremony and reception and less about love and commitment.

After a build-up of stress in the months leading up to it, the anticipation of the day can become overwhelming. Hypnosis can be really beneficial in helping reduce any fears and be very effective at keeping the bride and groom calm, relaxed, and in control for their big day. You want to enjoy your big day and by taking control of any anxiety the engaged couple gets to relax and enjoy as much of their engagement and wedding day as possible. Even the thought of speeches can feel ok.

Hypnosis can help couples refocus their minds and help them feel calm, relaxed, in control and confident as their big day approaches. This package of 4 sessions can be used by the couples or they may wish to gift one to a member of the wedding party if they are having particular anxiety about speeches. It’s your big day so you choose what will be most beneficial. This program includes a combination of coaching, NLP and hypnosis to help you approach the big day in a relaxed frame of mind so that you can enjoy every moment.

For most Clients, three to four sessions, with approximately a week between each session, are optimum to get a great result.

How it works

Step 1

First, you will talk with your therapist to discuss what you hope to achieve and agree on which methods your therapist will use so that you know what to expect.

Step 2

After this, your therapist will lead you into a deeply relaxed state. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis so you will be in complete control at all times. Some people say they feel that they are in a dream-like state, others just feel in a slight trance.

Step 3

Then your therapist will use suggestion to help you move towards your goal.

Then you will gradually be brought out of trance and will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Programme summary


Initial assessment followed by 4 sessions

Subsequent sessions priced at Β£80 per hour if requested


Initial consultation


A range of NLP techniques to support you

Bespoke hypnosis session

30 minute follow up if required


Face to face*



*Face to face appointments are available at:

Hove Therapy Practice, 69 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB


Cost of package




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Sarah Young Coaching
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4 months ago

Sarah Young Coaching
I went for a little run today.As usual I used the time to reflect.Thoughts just randomly pop into my head. 😁Today I started thinking about the people I help stop smoking.I was thinking what's different about them and why they are so successful.I realised that the most important part of it, is that they have all taken ownership, they realise although I am guiding them, ultimately their success is down to them.πŸ’ͺMany live with partners who smoke, most have some sort of stress in their lives or a big event/holiday/event coming up..and yet they have taken ownership and decided the they are taking control.There will always be challenging situations and stress, it's the nature of life. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈHowever once you have taken control none of this matters... you are driving the bus 🚌 ... See MoreSee Less
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Sarah Young

What my clients say…

I didn’t know what NLP was until I started working with Sarah. She has helped me become more positive and confident and given me lots of strategies to continue working on this. I have two hypnotherapy recordings to continue to listen to. Sarah is very friendly and professional and I have enjoyed my sessions with her. I would definitely recommend Sarah and I would go back for more support if required.


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