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What a fantastic lady! As soon as we spoke on the phone it was like we connected and it was fate that it was Sarah that helped me, Sarah is a brilliant lady, lots of communication before I had my hypnosis, listened very carefully and answered any questions I had in regard to the hypnosis.

Coming to the end of my hypnosis I felt very calm, relaxed like I was a new person, if you need hypnosis Sarah is the lady to go to, she is fantastic!

The first thing I would like to say is that I was sceptical when going in for my first session with Sarah. I didn’t really believe it was possible to adapt my mindset. Well I was completely wrong! Sarah puts you at ease and makes you feel totally comfortable and you end up discovering things about yourself you I didn’t know or that you did know but just kept way down inside.

My reason for seeing Sarah was to get my eating habits better controlled and to lose weight. Sarah made me realise the triggers and the cause for the habits I had created and the reasons why I would lose focus. It’s not all about food and exercise but overcoming those triggers and keeping focussed on the goal ahead. Overall I have become more confident, assertive and happy within myself which is a credit to Sarah at Ultimate You.

Go and see her I promise it will be one of the best things you have ever done.

I had been struggling for some time with confidence and motivation and had been unable to reach my fitness goals. To be perfectly honest I was sceptical and slightly apprehensive before my session with Sarah. However, she made me feel completely at ease and relaxed. I can honestly now say that I am feeling confident, motivated and ready to smash my goals. The techniques Sarah taught me have been easy to use during training sessions and very effective.

I’d like to thank you ever so much for your work and would highly recommend Ultimate You.

I have been having sessions with ultimate you for weight loss. Within the first few sessions, I felt my confidence increase and I feel so much more positive. I would highly recommend giving this a chance. Sarah is lovely too.

Sarah was welcoming, warm and professional. I felt she really designed the sessions around what she learned from/about me. Having struggled with my weight for many years, I couldn’t motivate myself to lose weight and get fitter, as I needed to for the sake of my health. Sarah broke through that. I am now eating less, listening to her tapes daily and feeling very confident that this time I will do it!

I didn’t know what NLP was until I started working with Sarah. She has helped me become more positive and confident and given me lots of strategies to continue working on this.

I have two hypnotherapy recordings to continue to listen to. Sarah is very friendly and professional and I have enjoyed my sessions with her. I would definitely recommend Sarah and I would go back for more support if required.

I found Sarah during Covid lockdown. I was frozen stuck and personal change was the way forward. We had an intro chat and I knew she was the hypnotherapist for me. She listened and more importantly, she really heard me.

She gave me her price and I thought about it for a couple of days. I was a hypnotherapy virgin and total sceptic. But I was desperate. I needed outside help for a battle I had been losing for 7 years or more – Sarah was going to be my ticket!!

Well… What Sarah delivers is worth every penny and more. Sarah delivered a practical quantity of quality tools, self-soothing techniques for me to maintain my own ongoing resolution.

The way Sarah delivers does not require me to turn my life around or upside down just to make the change a part of my life – like it was always present as a comfy pair of old slippers.

So yesterday my order of 2 new dresses a top and a pair of trousers arrived. I got that dreaded feeling as I was opening the parcel, I bet they don’t fit!! Well, I was right, they don’t fit…the top and trousers are too BIG!!!

Never been so chuffed to send something back!! More and more I am beginning to trust my body, to know what it needs and to listen to the signs. Thank you, Sarah, I’m beginning to feel so happy xxx


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4 months ago

Sarah Young Coaching
No excuses... what step could you take TODAY? 😁 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Sarah Young Coaching
I went for a little run today.As usual I used the time to reflect.Thoughts just randomly pop into my head. 😁Today I started thinking about the people I help stop smoking.I was thinking what's different about them and why they are so successful.I realised that the most important part of it, is that they have all taken ownership, they realise although I am guiding them, ultimately their success is down to them.💪Many live with partners who smoke, most have some sort of stress in their lives or a big event/holiday/event coming up..and yet they have taken ownership and decided the they are taking control.There will always be challenging situations and stress, it's the nature of life. 🤷‍♀️However once you have taken control none of this matters... you are driving the bus 🚌 ... See MoreSee Less
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