South Downs Way Mindset Musings

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So as you may know I love walking!

I walk everywhere!

It started in lockdown one, as a means of escape for my partner Andy and I from our busy house full of, people who didn’t really know what to do with themselves. We walked around the park twice a day as a small form of escapism!

Our walks became mindful, Andy and I would walk further and further desperate for the peace and tranquility that nature brings. Sometimes we walked in silence, sometimes we would spend time noticing, naming 5 things we could see or 4 things we could hear, 3 things we could feel, 2 things we could smell, 1 thing we could taste. We would name 3 things we were grateful for, all helping to maintain some sort of level of positivity when the panic of no work (no income) would rise.

Even once things went back to ‘normal’ we continued our weekend walks. I started to find that I had attached feelings of calm and peace to walking, and found if I was working from home and started to feel overwhelmed I would go for a walk around the park and feel instantly better. Its now my go to anxiety management/ stress relieving technique :)

The 9th of July 2021 would have been our wedding day. We chose to cancel the wedding due to Covid and had to use our wedding savings to survive losing 3 months of work.

As the time came closer I was thinking about what we would do on the day, we could either sit around moping, thinking I should be getting my hair done now, i would be arriving at the church now etc. or we could go on an adventure :)

Obviously we decided on an adventure :)


The south Downs Way is 100 miles across the downs from Winchester to Eastbourne. We wet off on what would have been our wedding day and had the most amazing experience. You can follow our whole journey here …

I won’t talk about the logistics of the walk as you can watch it on YouTube if you are interested. What i will do is mention a few things I noticed. So the first 2 days were tough…really tough! we had to do some pretty long walks the first 2 days to get to our accommodation and getting lost meant we ended up walking 23 miles. The terrain was very rocky so you find yourself looking down a lot. What I noticed those first days is how much posture affects your mood. I teach this to clients all the time, when I teach how to change state I always say head up , shoulders back etc, etc,

It became very obvious that both of us found it a struggle and our mood and motivation was waning, as soon as I realised what was happening we made a conscious effort to lift our head and look around, to really take it all in and enjoy the experience. It literally just reinforced to me everything that I teach about mind body connection.

Each day we would get up and express gratitude, every day felt easier on our bodies as we fell into the routine of walking, climbing, laughing and noticing every little thing around us. When you take away the hustle and bustle of life and allow yourself to just be its the most freeing thing ever.

What’s funny is that after walking 110 miles in total, we felt so completely and utterly rested and had such a positive Mindset. It just shows how all of the stress and anxiety of day to day life can make us feel physically exhausted. I am back and ready to launch my new programme with all the energy that it deserves!

Bring on the next one we say :)