Challenge Your Thinking

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So we are a third of the way through June already, time flies right? As I said before I am new to this whole blogging thing and will get into a groove I am sure. So I am a little late …Ooops!

Anyway as you may know, I live in Hove, which is particularly lovely in the summer months. Due to Covid our annual arts festival was cancelled last year but is back this year. I may have mentioned that I work part time in Brighton’s homeless team. Yesterday I went with one of the lovely ladies I work with to see a piece of art she had created that was being displayed . It was such an honour to stand next to her as she stood there radiating pride as people walked by admiring her work.

I really demonstrated the importance of being able to express ourselves in whatever way we can and to really feel listened to. Many woman took part in this exhibition which is titled I am more than…… It gave them a voice!

This leads on to my next short challenge which is starting the 23rd of June. I am REALLY passionate about self talk and learning to challenge negative thinking. I will introduce NLP a bit more and talk about how it helps change the way we think about weight loss.I will share some tips and techniques, and really encourage you to notice your self talk and how to change it. It’s focused around how we think about weight loss but will talk about mindset in general, so the skills are transferable. If you would like to find out a bit more and can spare just 30 minutes a day, sign up to the private facebook group where I am happy to answer any questions.