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NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Techniques and hypnosis are highly effective at reducing stress in the workplace.

Not all stress is negative, we have to have some stress to keep us motivated and productive, however, when it becomes overwhelming it can become a problem.

Good Stress or Eustress is the excitement experienced when competing for a promotion or working towards target dates. This is the stress that keeps us feeling alive and excited about life.

Acute Stress triggers the body’s fight-or-flight response by sending out signals to release stress hormones that prepare your body to fight or run away. This response is triggered by emotions like fear, anxiety, aggression, and anger. We can tolerate acute stress as long as we find ways to relax and quickly return our body to homeostasis, or its pre-stress state.

Chronic Stress happens when we repeatedly face stressors, we feel are inescapable for example a stressful job or an unhappy home life. Because our bodies aren’t designed for chronic stress, this can cause negative health effects (both physical and emotional) if experienced over an extended period of time.

Both Acute and Chronic stress reduce our ability to concentrate, focus, think clearly, solve problems, set and achieve goals, make good decisions and control our emotions. When this is not managed appropriately it can lead to burnout and an increase in sickness.

Good health and wellbeing are vital for a productive workplace, increased sickness can obviously have a huge impact on a workforce. NLP and hypnosis can support this by assisting people to become smoke-free, by managing their weight or by giving them the tools they need to manage feelings of overwhelm. Hypnosis is also a very effective tool for helping women manage symptoms of menopause.

Our behaviour is a set of strategies that are made up of what you see, hear and touch in the ‘outside world’ and what you see, say to yourself and feel in the ‘inside word’

When you alter the way, you do something, the outcome will change – change nothing and nothing changes! One of the quickest ways of changing a behavioural strategy is by changing what you say to yourself.

If you constantly tell yourself “I have no time” we increase our stress levels. Our brains are compelled to respond to what we tell ourselves, so if you have a report to finish in an hour and are telling yourself “I have no time to finish this report” see what happens when you change your self-talk to “I have all the time in the world within the next hour to finish this report”

Just changing what you say to yourself in this way, calms the nervous system, enabling you to focus on getting the report done.

Another technique is you can learn, is to reframe a situation to give yourself or someone else a different perspective.

For example, notice what happens when someone says to you “I can’t do this” and you respond with “can’t do it yet” Or someone that is getting stressed over learning something new saying, “this is really difficult” and you say, “this is just new and you have learned to do many new things in the past, haven’t you?”

Using NLP alongside hypnosis can be incredibly powerful. Both work with the unconscious mind to create change. Hypnosis can add value to your business by reducing absenteeism, increasing the productivity of your staff and ultimately increasing company morale as well as contributing to an employer’s duty of care.

I offer bespoke packages tailored to your business, helping support your health and well-being policies to ultimately lead to happy staff.

The packages can be purchased in blocks of hours over a month and can be allocated to your staff as appropriate.

Examples of how you may choose to use these are as follows

  • 3 x hours – stop smoking
  • 4 x hours (1 x weekly) – Anxiety management
  • 6 x hours (1 x weekly) – Weight management
  • 3 x hours – Performance anxiety

Package options

Specific Hours

Packages are available in either 10, 20 or 30 hours per month, to be allocated as appropriate.

Services may include:

  • Stop smoking
  • Performance anxiety
  • Weight Management
  • Anxiety management
  • Increase confidence
  • Managing overwhelming stress

from £1,000 per month


If you have specific requirements or would like to discuss your companies needs in more detail please get in touch.



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4 months ago

Sarah Young Coaching
No excuses... what step could you take TODAY? 😁 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Sarah Young Coaching
I went for a little run today.As usual I used the time to reflect.Thoughts just randomly pop into my head. 😁Today I started thinking about the people I help stop smoking.I was thinking what's different about them and why they are so successful.I realised that the most important part of it, is that they have all taken ownership, they realise although I am guiding them, ultimately their success is down to them.💪Many live with partners who smoke, most have some sort of stress in their lives or a big event/holiday/event coming up..and yet they have taken ownership and decided the they are taking control.There will always be challenging situations and stress, it's the nature of life. 🤷‍♀️However once you have taken control none of this matters... you are driving the bus 🚌 ... See MoreSee Less
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Sarah Young

What my clients say…

I found Sarah during Covid lockdown. I was frozen stuck and personal change was the way forward. We had an intro chat and I knew she was the hypnotherapist for me. She listened and more importantly she really heard me.

She gave me her price and I thought about it for a couple of days. I was a hypnotherapy virgin and total sceptic. But I was desperate. I needed outside help for a battle I had been losing for 7 years or more – Sarah was going to be my ticket!!

Well… What Sarah delivers is worth every penny and more. Sarah delivered a practical quantity of quality tools, self-soothing techniques for me to maintain my own ongoing resolution.

The way Sarah delivers does not require me to turn my life around or upside down just to make the change a part of my life – like it was always present as a comfy pair of old slippers.


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